Our network of certified court reporters are very skilled and experienced.  They possess a wide range of certifications, skills, and experience to serve your needs.  They are located throughout the state of Washington to meet your scheduling needs.  Have you ever wondered why you see the same certified court reporter representing different court reporting agencies?  Most certified court reporters are independent contractors and freelance for multiple court reporting agencies on a regular basis.


Our Network of Certified Court Reporters

Amy Rostad, RPR, CCR No. 1901 (WA), BCSRA No. 524 (BC)

Over her career, Amy has lived and worked as a stenographer in three countries.  Amy first became interested in the legal field in high school, which is where she took her first law class.  Amy began her training to become a court reporter right after high school in 1996, when she was 17 years old.  She attended Langara College’s Court/Realtime Reporting Program in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Amy moved to London, England, to train and work as a television captioner for the BBC.  After falling in love, she moved to the state of Washington in 2001 and later became a US citizen.  Amy has been working as a certified court reporter in the state of Washington ever since.  She is also a Registered Professional Reporter through the National Court Reporters Association.  When Amy is not busy working, she enjoys spending time with her family.  Amy loves to walk, hike, cycle, rollerblade, travel, and visit museums with her husband and son.  Fun Fact About Amy:  Amy made a cameo appearance as a stenographer in the television film/docudrama Damaged Care, starring Laura Dern, which was based on a true story.

Katie Nelson, RPR, CCR

Katie’s career has taken her all over the globe covering a wide variety of proceedings including high-profile cases involving expert testimony, videotaped and interpreted depositions, large multi-party hearings, arbitrations, and confidential document procedures. Using these experiences, Katie can easily handle a deposition of any size on any subject matter.

Katie lives outside the Seattle area with her husband and three children. She enjoys spending time with her family, running and reading.

Connie Recob, CCR, RMR, CRR, CLR

(Connie’s biography is coming soon!)

Annamarie Spangrud, CCR

(Annamarie’s biography is coming soon!)

Holly Buckmaster, CCR

(Holly’s biography is coming soon!)

Kim Scheuermann, CCR

(Kim’s biography is coming soon!)

(More Certified Court Reporter Biographies Coming Soon!)


Office/Management Team

Amy Rostad – Manager
Geordy Rostad – Manager
LaTisha Schurman – Office Manager

LaTisha Schurman serves as our Office Manager.  She formerly worked as a paralegal in the legal field, and has an extensive clerical, case management, and administrative background.  In addition, LaTisha has 14 years of experience managing court reporting agencies.  Outside of work, LaTisha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, camping, snowmobiling, and traveling.  Contact her with your scheduling questions, transcript orders, billing questions, and other inquiries at